Cathy Bicksler

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Cathy, a Non –Traditional Education Specialist, draws on a wide range of educational experience and a unique set of skills. With a BS in accounting from Bowling Green State University, she began professionally as a cost accountant at Goodyear Tire & Rubber. However, after marrying and the birth of the first of her seven children, she shifted her focus to education and became a “homeschool mom” to her growing family. As her children launched into college they travelled a variety of paths which include NCAA Division I sports, West Point Military Academy, Florida Sate Universities, private colleges, and the United Sates Marine Corp. and they are now launched into careers in education, health care and the United States Military.

Cathy went on to broaden her educational service by teaching at Maranatha Christian Academy and serving several years as Director at Score At The Top Learning Center & School where she designed and launched several non-traditional school models. Designing individualized academic plans to fit the needs of each student is her specialty. She has worked with a wide range of students, from struggling learners and children on the spectrum to accelerated and gifted students. Her passion for education drives her to continue her professional development by completing educational trainings in such topics as Curriculum Choice and Customization, Making Learning “Delight-Directed,” Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading, The Institute on Multi-Sensory Learning, “The Writing Road to Reading Certification”, and  “Applications of Technology for Educators”.

Individually designed academic plans and student centered learning are the keys to guiding each student into the “right fit” college or career and to launching each student into a successful, balanced life. Cathy’s door is always open to help you guide your child to academic and life long success!