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Enrolling for 2019-2020 


Personalized  instruction  for mastery based learning…

No more factory style education!

Blending great teachers wit the smart use of technology & project based learning.

  • Small Group Classes
  • One-on-One Classes
  • Combination of Class Size for Perfect Fit
  • Personalized Learning & Pacing
  • Multi-sensory curriculum

Build     ·     Strengthen     ·     Accelerate   

Small classrooms for individualized pace and curriculum..

Academic Plans by Design 

All Subjects -All Grades

Small Group Class & One-on-One -By Design

Structure, activity, etiquette, character, creativity, mentoring, team projects, individualization

Blending great teachers with the smart use of technology and projects for an education that is “out of the box”     

Full time or part time -explore the options for the “right fit” academic plan for your child  



(Left-Students working on photoshop projects. Right-Student and Art Teacher working with pastels.)
(All the girls “hanging” out!)

Mastery based learning for all ages, all subjects, all types of learners!

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